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About Kristina

Kristina Sabbagh is a well-respected realtor based in Phoenix, AZ who has written books to help homeowners sell their homes for top dollar fast. In her books, Kristina has laid out her proven marketing strategies for you to use. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can hire her to do it for you.  

Kristina was born and raised in Lithuania and after meeting her husband of 14 years, she has moved to Michigan and later, to Arizona. After graduating law school Magna Cum Laude, passing the bar exam and becoming an attorney, Kristina decided to start her real estate business. Having learnt discipline, organization and professionalism in law, she applies those skills to her real estate business. With the strong work ethics, she gives her clients the same level of dedication and commitment that she gave to law. And with her acting and filmmaking experience, she keeps things fun and creative.

Since becoming a Realtor, I have had to find a balance between two extremes common to many salespeople. I was drawn to real estate because it is a “people” business…and I knew that helping people was essential to my career. But the way this industry works seems contradictory to that. It seems that you have to project confidence and knowledge, which is ok, but even more, it seems that you even need a sense of superiority, a huge ego to succeed, since most agents attract business by telling prospects how great they are.

I learned that these were thought to be the qualities of the stereotypical “top-producing” real estate agent, when in actuality, the most successful agents do put customers first. In fact, they seemed to put almost everyone else first, family, friends, even their competition if that made the situation better for everyone involved.

In other words, they became servants and in the truest sense, humbled themselves. Strange words, you’re probably thinking, from someone who promotes herself as much as I do. I promote myself not to put myself in the limelight, but to remind you that I am here, intend to be for years to come, and am eager to serve you like no other Realtor you will meet.


If there is anything Kristina can help you with, or if you just have a question, she can be contacted at 480-559-9420 or


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